FDI Magnet - diaspora engagement for development. Be an attractive Foreign Direct Investments magnet.

We offer innovative services for economic development and investment promotion. Target Diaspora, expatriate networks to attract money and talents to your country, region or city. Be an attractive Foreign Direct Investments magnet. Create more jobs. Boost scientific and economic development, through talents, innovation and diaspora foreign investment.

Elian Carsenat

Elian CARSENAT, a computer scientist trained at ENSIIE/INRIA, started his career at JP Morgan in Paris in 1997. He later worked as consultant and managed business & IT projects in London, Paris, Moscow and Shanghai. In 2012, Elian created NamSor, a piece of sociolinguistics software to mine the 'Big Data' and better understand international flows of money, ideas and people. NamSor helps answer the perennial question all countries ask about their diasporas – who are they, where are they and what are they doing.

FDI Magnet is a consortium offering for investment promotion and economic development, through targeted engagement of Diasporas, expatriates networks.

Global associates network

We are a global network of specialized consultants, solving the challenge of diaspora engagement for economic development.

Our consultants based in Dublin, Washington DC and Paris have decades of experience in FDI, Trade and Investment Banking.

Some of our clients

Invest Lithuania, Business France (Invest In France), HomeStrings (Diaspora Bonds for Africa), US AID, The City of Boston, The UN/IOM, The European Commission, Invest Mali, ABA INVEST in AUSTRIA ...

What we do

We work as a consortium of specalists to offer high value consulting and integrated end-to-end solutions:

Smart Investors Targeting

We advise Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) and Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) on recognizing the network of existing expatriates and investors, who act as ambassadors for new investment.

Diaspora Mapping

We mine the 'big data' to map diasporas and expatriates networks: who are they? where are they? what are they doing?

We help countries, regions, cities reconnect with their diasporas, targeted by geography and by economic sector.

Diaspora Engagement

Our targeted approach makes it easier to build up trust and engage your diaspora on concrete programs. But it's never easy.

So, we bring some of the best experts on Diaspora engagement, from Dublin, Washington, Paris and elsewhere for high value consulting, motivational speech during events, training on communication and networking.

Diaspora Direct Investment

Remittances don't just fuel consumption, they also represent real investment in health and education.

We help optimize the flow of Diaspora money transfers according to long term objectives. Through remittances, fundraising, crowdfunding, diaspora bonds or foreign direct investments (FDI), we help countries, regions, cities fuel their development and create stronger human bonds along the way.

Our Remittance Corridor API can be used for multiple FinTech use cases, such as : Diaspora Marketing, AML/KYC or AI powered Fraud detection - read further the Corridor API brochure

Diaspora Talents & Innovation

Retaining or attracting talents is critical to attract R&D intensive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

We mine professional databases such as Thomson WoS for scientists and authors, LinkedIn public profiles for executives, ORBIS for company directors, AngelList for entrepreneurs ... to reverse the 'brain drain', or facilitate the 'brain gain' through online international cooperation networks.

Diaspora Marketing Toolkit

Industrialize diaspora engagement, with select online tools and custom integration.


Check out NamSor Diaspora Engagement Module as well as our list of open/commercial databases for diaspora outreach.

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